Pin Grading

Enamel pins are handmade items that have natural variations and slight flaws that can occur during the production process. As a disclaimer no pin will ever be 100% perfect. Please keep in mind that everyone's grading system is different. I grade my pins by the batch received for that particular pin.

  • Standard Grades: Highest quality pins from batch. (May contain minor imperfections that can only be seen under very close inspection. Speck of dust, stray glitter, uneven enamel, scratch on surface and or tiny bubble in enamel.)
  • B Grades: Good quality pins. Noticeable minor defects and imperfections. (Small chips on the metal, excessive bubbles, scratches or dents, wrong enamel fill colors, unfilled spaces, various stray specks and glitters).
  • C Grades: Budget friendly pins. Very visible multiple minor and major defects. (Low-fill in large areas, chipped metal plating, missing enamel or plating, badly printed screen printing, foreign materials embedded in enamel, glitter or epoxy, loose or wiggly post).
  • Second Grades: If you wear your pins on a daily these would be great to have. They have the most visible defects.